Funky Vape Additive


This juice isn’t packed with flavor, but it’s a nice change from other juices. It really is a suttle cream and spice taste, but it’s a very pleasant taste. Most of my juices are bursting with flavor, and it’s nice to vape this one for a change. The vanilla and spice tastes real good.


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Funky Vape Supplements. This drink is not full of flavor, but it is a nice change from other drinks. It’s really a subtle flavor of cream and pepper, but it’s very tasty. Most of my drinks are bursting with flavor, and it’s nice to blow this one up for a change. The taste of vanilla and spices is very good.

Funky Vape Additive Juice – 15ml
Made in USA
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Nicotine Free
Thin Needle Tip
50 PG /50 VG
Funky Vape Additive’s subtly sweet flavor combination combines the tartness of fresh tangerines with the depth of a Georgia peach. With a 50/50 PG/VG split and your choice of CBD dosage, this is sure to be one of the most satisfying vape juices you can puff on.
Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Natural, and Artificial Flavoring
Recommended use:
Shake Well Before Use! To be used with a refillable electronic vaporizer. Shake well before use and rinse thoroughly. To stay fresh, avoid light, heat, and humidity.

Marijuana plant and preparation process. Marketers sometimes use other oils to cut hash oil.

With the outbreak of lung disease and death related to vaping in 2019, NBC News ran tests on various THC vape cartridges and found cartridges with up to 30% vitamin E acetate and potentially harmful fungicides and pesticides.


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