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We are living in an age of communal polarisation. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me there are more people questioning, especially in urban regions, their previously hold political and religious opinions. We have heard several “liberals” talk about how they are disenchant with Hinduism with the rise of Modi’s Hindutva.

As a consequence of polarisation, there will be more people drifting towards the Left and more people moving Right while the gap between the two factions widens, leaving the moderate camp less in numbers.

To clarify, India has always been a ‘communal’ country so speak. And although caste politics still dominates Indian politics, the BJP has engineered its success by developing a coalition of castes on the basis of Hindutva.

It is under these circumstances that I began questioning my own long-held beliefs about the concept of religion. I am unsure when I turned atheist exactly but it was sometime when I was 15 years old. My becoming an atheist is not very surprising considering that I studied in a Catholic school until the 8th standard. And many things I saw back then appeared stupid as a kid, many of them still appear stupid.

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Disclaimer: Package says it’s not intended for human consumption. So therefore any unlawful consumption of this product is the sole responsibility of the consumer.

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