150X DS-3.0 Lsd crystal 125ug for sale


150 Hits of LSD 125ug.

PRODUCT: Blotter laid with pure white needlepoint LSD crystal. No additives or fillers ever! You are more than welcome to test with Ehrlich’s reagent for LSD and/or Marquis reagent to check for any adulterants. Any pink coloring on the tabs is from the natural food based dyes running while the sheets are laid (Imagine a white shirt washed with a tie dyed one)



Buy DS 3.0 LSD Crystal

LSD is not dead. This is the third batch of LSD Crystals of the French crew behind Dr. Seuss. Lovely called the Buy DS 3.0 LSD 125µg Crystal, claimed to be 100% pure. And you know what? People say these also feel pure, whatever this means.

150 Hits of LSD 125ug.

PRODUCT: Blotter laid with pure white needlepoint LSD crystal. No additives or fillers ever! You are more than welcome to test with Ehrlich’s reagent for LSD and/or Marquis reagent to check for any adulterants. Any pink coloring on the tabs is from the natural food based dyes running while the sheets are laid (Imagine a white shirt washed with a tie dyed one)

Buy Dr Seuss Lsd Crystal Online

Best known as LSD or “acid,” lysergic acid diethylamide is a powerful psychedelic drug derived from a chemical found in rye fungus. This discovery was made in 1938 when Swiss Scientist Albert Hofmann synthesized LSD in his laboratory in Basel, Switzerland. Years later, tiny amount of the drug came in contact with his skin and he unexpectedly discovered its psychedelic effects.

After Hofmann’s discovery, promising research into the potential therapeutic effects of LSD began in the 50s. But when the drug made its way into the counterculture of the 60s and 70s, it became highly stigmatized as a result of unfettered and reckless use among the generation’s young people. It was eventually classified as a Schedule 1 drug, which it remains today.

More recently, LSD has resurfaced as a potential therapeutic drug, partially due to the popularity of microdosing. Although microdosing doesn’t give the full effect of an LSD trip, it has proved useful in helping to destigmatize and normalize this previously scorned substance. Buy DS 3.0 LSD Crystal 125µg

LSD is typically distributed in various forms for oral or sublingual administration. It is one of the few psychedelic substances potent enough to fit onto small squares of “blotter paper”,[33] and has a history of being counterfeited by similarly potent psychedelics that do not have its favorable safety profile. Buy DS 3.0 LSD Crystal 125µg. Buy Dr Seuss Lsd Crystal


Buy Dr Seuss LSD

We kindly present you the – blotter art made by our artist and laid with 125mcg of 99%+ pure Aztec LSD crystal.
The original 125mcg dosage is back.
Blotter tabs are 8x8mm large, thick and tasteless. Buy Dr Seuss LSD


0.5 – 1 hit – light – medium trip, enough for beginners or inexperienced users to get a basic feeling on what LSD is. You will experience an enhancement of colours and sounds and a general shift of consciousness.
2 hits – medium – strong trip, suitable for most of the experienced users. Visuals can be strong on this dose and you might have some problems with communicating with others if you are sensitive.
3-4 hits – strong – a very strong trip, if you don’t have a tolerance, better stay in a safe place and prepare to sink deeply into your mind
5 hits + – well, if you take such a dose, I suppose that you really know what you are doing 🙂 enjoy the white light.


Product is sealed and professionally shipped (be sure to check through your junk mail thoroughly, because you might accidentally put it in trash).

Uses for LSD
Scientists considered psychedelics to be promising treatments as an aid to therapy for a broad range of psychiatric diagnoses, including alcoholism, schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, and depression. Recent results from epidemiological studies have shown lower rates of mental health disorders and suicide among people who have used psychedelics like LSD. LSD is an illegal, semi-synthetic drug that combines natural and man-made substances. It is derived from ergot, a fungus that grows on certain grains, and a non-organic chemical called diethylamide.

LSD is currently in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the most heavily criminalized category for drugs. Schedule I drugs are considered to have a “high potential for abuse” and no currently accepted medical use – though when it comes to LSD there is significant evidence to the contrary on both counts.

Goblins Den LSD Blotters 99% Laid With Pure Aztec Crystal

“LSD needs to be purified via chromatography twice, once on silica to remove the side reaction products and leftover reactants, and a second time using a chiral substrate to separate the active isomers from the inactive ones.” Batches of LSD with particularly hard come-ups, or with heavy body loads and less visuals, may come from unpurified crude product, containing a mixture of the aforementioned molecules and LSD.

Other factors that may contribute to different experiences between batches or sources of LSD are dosage and set and setting. It is nearly impossible to determine how ‘heavy’ blotter is mic’d unless the end user is in the inner circle of the chemist or is the one who lays it themselves from crystal. A standard sized LSD tab can contain anywhere from 50-300 μg, and vials can be diluted at various degrees as well. A higher dose will produce more effects, so LSD sourced from different places can be laid at different micrograms, thereby producing differing effects in the end user.

Finally, set and setting, which refers to the mindset of the person consuming LSD and the environment in which the person consumes, can attribute to varying LSD trips. One who is not in a great place mentally or emotionally, or who perhaps has a history of mental illness in their family, may be prone to a more difficult experience on LSD, mentally or physically. Or, if someone chooses to consume LSD in a social setting where they are around strangers, they may begin to feel uncomfortable during an LSD journey, associating that experience as different than other LSD trips they’ve had.

So, although there are many variables that may attribute to different effects, durations, and experiences of LSD, LSD is LSD. There are not different ‘types’ of it, but there are certainly batches that are purer than others, or that are laid heavier (and are therefore dosed higher on blotter) than others. The labels, like Needle Point and Lavender, are merely marketing terms, used to designate a certain range of purity of the LSD crystal. Other street names, like the infamous ‘Orange Sunshine’ LSD that was circulating in the late 1960’s, are essentially a brand name to distinguish a particular chemist (in this case, it was Tim Scully and Nick Sand).

LSD can be found in a number of forms, with blotter paper being the most common:

Blotters are typically small squares pulled off sheets of perforated blotting paper that are dipped into an LSD/alcohol solution which are then either swallowed or chewed, or held sublingually. There should not be a bitter metallic taste which numbs the mouth when chewing the blotters as this likely indicates the presence of a 25x-NBOMe compound.
Liquid solutions are often found in vials with a pipette. It is often dropped directly into the mouth or tongue. It may also be dropped onto individual sugar cubes or candy before consumption.[34] Buy DS 3.0 LSD Crystal 125µg
Tablets & Microdots are very small tablets which can be chewed or swallowed.
Powder can, in theory, be administered orally, sublingually, or via insufflation or injection. However, LSD is rarely encountered or taken in this way in practice due to its incredible potency. It is almost always diluted into a liquid solution or ‘laid’ onto blotter paper to allow for more accurate and consistent dosing.
Gel tabs can be taken orally and are small pieces of gelatin which contain LSD. These are less common now than in the past, but are still occasionally present in some areas of the world. Buy DS 3.0 LSD Crystal 125µg


Needlepoint, Lavender, White Fluff. All different labels for one substance, and one substance only: LSD. It is not correct to say that there are different ‘types’ of LSD. LSD is LSD. So why, then, are there different and distinct effects, durations, and experiences between the various street names or labels for LSD, or even between different sources?

The most likely answer: purity.


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